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Ahorra e Invierte con 
Paneles Solares

How do they work and what steps to follow?

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First you must know...

Installing solar panels is practically an immediate savings and investment instrument with the highest yields and tax deductible

Operation of the interconnection system with the electric Network

The panels supply your consumption and remain interconnected with the electric network;  through the bidirectional meter, it records the amount of energy that you do not consume at the moment and that is returned to the network, which is  "accumulates" when you need it .

Accelerated Recovery

Depending on the rate of your receipt, there is a recovery of the investment between 2 and 4 years. The system has a useful life of more than 20 years, so the savings generated become profits for you all that time. 

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Steps to follow...

1. Your electricity bill


2. Technical visit


3. Technical and economic proposal tailored to you

Share your Electricity bill with us to know your rate and historical consumption and thus determine the correct size of the system

Allow us a technical visit mainly to review the location, the available area and the distance to the load center.

We present all the alternatives to invest in the necessary system and according to your possibilities.

Financing Alternatives

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Modern Architecture

Solar Lease

Just like a car lease, our financial allies have special programs with which they finance Sustainable and Energy Efficiency Assets with preferential conditions, as well as 5 to 7 year plans.


The lease payment is NOT considered an Investment Expense (CAPEX) but decreases and replaces the Operating Expense (OPEX) in relation to energy consumption. This makes the decision easier for companies since normally the acquisition of a solar system competes with other investments, which delays the benefit of the great savings.


In addition, with the leasing scheme, you have the best possible tax incentives for the acquisition of sustainable assets.



Of the rental options, it is the most convenient since the contracts are much smaller than those usually offered in the market. That is, once the lease is over (5 to 7 years) the system becomes property and 100% of the savings benefit is held for the rest of its useful life (+20 years).


Typically the lease evaluation is more flexible than obtaining a simple loan and the conditions may be more favorable.  

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