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"We consider energy efficiency the 'first fuel' as it continues to represent the cleanest and, in most cases, the most economical way to meet our energy needs."

Fait Birol - IEA (International Energy Agency)


Strategies and Solutions 

Let's design together your technical and financial strategy to achieve energy efficiency in your industry or business with great savings

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There are different efficiency solutions that can result in from 15% to 97% of habitual consumption. The strategy is to define the actions by evaluating the results in the short, medium and long term, as well as defining the appropriate financial strategy for implementation.

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Financial Opportunities

30% of savings in an installation can reduce the total operating cost by 10%.


Simply understanding where and how you use energy can increase savings by 10% without capital investment; implementing only procedural and behavioral changes.

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In buildings

Reduce energy use up to 30%

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At Supermarkets, reducing energy costs by 10% can increase margins by 6%.

At hospitals, reduce energy cost by 5%, increase profit automatically.

At hotels, reducing energy costs by 10% is equivalent to an increase of approx. 1.3% in the average daily rate.

In the industry

Energy efficiency and productivity

The non-energy benefits often exceed the value of energy savings in energy efficiency projects, and it is vital to estimate the non-energy benefits for project justification.


Opportunities at your fingertips

The decisions regarding investment criteria and return can be compared to a company's strategic sustainability vision.

Produce significant gains in the bottom line

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Energy management

Improve the performance of your business

Formulates, communicates and implements the energy management policy.

Be a committed and responsible advocate in achieving the results.

Monitor and drive change within the organization.

It provides methods and tools to collect, analyze and report energy information. 

Publish detailed reports to motivate change.

Get an initial consultation

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