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About Us

We are a group focused on generating business opportunities and savings for companies and investors in their real estate. Whether it is in projects related to energy efficiency and quality, administration, design and development of new projects, maintenance and engineering for commerce or industry, as well as real estate intermediation services.

Our services include

Our Service Lines complement everything you need for your building or real estate project.


Professional Lighting for Large Areas

Exchange to professional LED
(Specification Grade)

Save up to 80% of consumption


Produce Your Energy

Convert your electricity bill payment into an investment

Solar Systems for Industry / Commerce
/ Residential


Quality and energy efficiency

Comply with the RED Code and Efficient your energy consumption

Automation, Monitoring and Control

Specialized Solutions

Storage of Energy

Backup, manage your energy and save

Maintenance and Equipment

Quick response in coverage areas, quality of service and compliance with standards

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 13.26.09.png

Management of

Construction, equipment and industrial

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